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It seems easy. Some words, a guitar chord or two, and you've got a song that people remember for the rest of their lives. Ever since he started playing in bands Eric has written songs.

For the last few years Eric has participated in FAWM—February Album Writing Month, and has written 14 songs in the 28 days of February.

Eric has a backlog of 40 or so songs that get played in public on occasion.

Eric Agner plays bass


In 2010 "The Hard Way" was released to very little fanfare. Check it out here!


Fourteen songs written and recorded in the 28 days of February. Write, record, post it on the internet, and move on. FAWM is a great way to kick your writing into a higher gear.

"Top Down" appeared on Lawnchair's second CD, Hard to Swallow.

Eric's songs have appeared on a few compilations.

FAWMpilation is an annual collection of songs composed during February Album Writing Month. Eric's song "Falling" was an internet bonus track and is available from iTunes.

"My Heart's Under Renovation" appeared on an Americana compilation called "Handmade & Homespun".

"Rockabilly Lawyer", recorded with Dames Rocket, appeared on a Baltimore Songwriters' Association compilation.

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