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Graphic Design

Eric has years of experience keeping clients' image strongly branded in campaigns and in workaday communication. From Web pages to e-mail messages, logos, magazine-style publications, brochures, postcards, PDF documents, presentation templates, stationery, media packaging, neckties, catalogs, t-shirts and books, his design experience is broad. Contact him for more information about rates and availablity.

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Women Controlling Continence
Continence E-mail
Anniversary Campaign
Anniversary Brochure and Campaign
Dine Dance Discover logo
Reception Logo


H20 Logo
Logo and invitation
Primary Care Update e-mail
Primary Care Update E-mail
PC Update
Primary Care landing page
Primary Care Update e-mail
Education e-mail
Education e-mail
Know Your Stats
Web banner ad: Know Your Stats




Eric Agner started doing production and design in print, working for publications and in typesetting back when there was such a thing. His father, Dwight Agner, was an award-winning book designer and lifelong letterpress printer. Eric grew up with a print shop in the house, and from an early age watched his father print small-edition books, composing pages in hand-set type.


Baltimore Songwriters' Association CD

Baltimore Songwriters' Association CD 2

Dilettantes This Small Town CD

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